Robustfinance sustainable and future-proof plan (income)

Our goal is to create through different dApps, investments, and other software owned by the Robustfinance a good and healthy ecosystem was focused on sustaining the payout of Nodes. We do not make these investment decisions, rather the selected projects are made open in the community for a vote before we initiate the investments.

We think the node system coupled with the treasury consistently growing from our many streams of revenue should create an extremely healthy runway and should be able to offer us secure stability.

Bond Sales:

We will creating bonds to help generate income and grow the treasury at a slow and controlled pace. Every time a bond is purchased a new token is minted and the profits are used to grow the treasury.

Treasury assets staked/reinvested

We plan to stake stablecoins and various other assets to maximize revenue while limiting the treasury risk exposure.

Cross Chain Validators

We plan to buy validator as Smallroadmap indicate us to increase our treasury with it. Our goal is to own several validators in diffrent blockchain. Avalanche Validators are also much easier and cheaper to run, allowing us to invest from the treasury in the first phase.

Node sales

By creating nodes, a certain percentage of this will go to the treasury as indicated.


We will announce in the near future the details.

Robust Pay

We will announce in the near future the details.

Robust Bank

We will announce in the near future. Will not just be borrow and lending.


It will generate income through the monthly fees from the nodes and from the claim,sale fees. In the future, Robust pay and Robust bank will generate additional revenue for Treasury. But that’s all we can say about Roobust pay and Robust bank at the moment.


We will assemble expert trading team who will trade daily with the aim of increasing treasury. The community will vote on how much they will provide to the team. We will announce exact details as soon as we start with it.

These points are actively in planning or development, and will be regularly updated, revised, or removed.

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