What is the pair?

•The pair is AVAX/ROBUST

How much for one node?

• Gold Node: 20 tokens • Silver Node: 10 tokens • Bronze Node: 5 tokens

Where do I create a node?

• You can create a node via the dApp on our website. https://app.robustfinance.cloud/

Is there a limit to how many nodes you can have?

• Yes, currently this is set to 100 per wallet.

What is the reward rate?

Gold Node = 0.18 Robust tokens per 24 hours Silver Node = 0.09 Robust tokens per 24 hours Bronze Node = 0.045 Robust tokens per 24 hours

How does the protocol afford to pay out rewards?

• Rewards are paid out from the Rewards destribution vault. We are a NaaS + DaaS, however at first, the full nodes (nodes that store blockchain data) we run will not be financially compensated by the blockchain. The protocol will amass a treasury that will be used to generate revenue, investment opportunities will still be voted on by the community and facilitated by financial advisors.

What are the hosting requirements?

To maintain the nodes you have to pay a small monthly fee: • Gold Node 25 $ in AVAX • Silver Node 13 $ in AVAX • Bronze Node 6.5 $ in AVAX

Will developers dox before launch?

• In addition to a KYC by Assure Defi, our founder wil doxx it self.

Will there be an audit?

• Yes. After the Realease we will do an audit.

Where can I buy tokens?

• Will be announced soon

How many tokens does the team get?

• The team has an allocation of 2%, vested over 12 months.

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