58% of the minted tokens went to the rewards distribution pool. This is how we will pay for the rewards. 25% of the minted tokens were sent to the Robustfinance Treasury. The $ROBUST tokens in the treasury can be used to directly add liquidity to the LP, OTC buying and potential use cases such as bonding. 15% of the minted tokens were sent to the Robustfinance pool vault. This will be used for protocol upkeep, talent acquisition (hiring developers, mods, graphic designers, blockchain experts, and financial advisors), funding the Robustfinance team (i.e., paying for a software that the team needs), and fuelling marketing campaigns increase project awareness. 2% of the minted tokens were allocated to the Robustfinance team, these tokens are vested over a 12-month period. Most of the team's salary is paid through the maintenance fees. This is to reduce sell pressure within the Robustfinance protocol.

Token Information

  • Name: Robust

  • Symbol: $ROBUST

  • Network: Avalanche

  • Decimals: 18

  • Max supply: 1’080’299 tokens

  • Mintable: Yes We will open the mint to control future inflation of $ROBUST. However, we will give you advance notice before we mint new $ROBUST tokens or burn them through the treasury.

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