Multi Sig Owners/Vault

Robustfinance aims to create a sustainable protocol. As a precaution, the wallets will be operated using a MultiSig (Gnosis) wallet for increased security.(except for the rewards wallet as that would not work.) The wallet addresses are public for full transparency. No single team member will be able to sign any transaction at an individual level.

Hasan (Founder of Robustfinance) 0x96980e19B87c59B964972352B33b3f0B80f28815

Yannick(Core Team,Marketing Manager) 0x43C919aC157b90d4F0de748D36DCbAaF62F6efF9


Robust Treasury:

Avalanche: 0x0816Fb033B937C6c66c16DDA2EB0590e103249De

Robust Pool:

Avalanche: 0xAB8678f9bcb588088Da8cB1284a3a82577e0B8A6

Robust Reserve Vault:

Avalanche: 0x696DEbD66CB521D72116b19C4C69Ee40648829F5

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